Q. How do I apply?

A. Please visit the apply page to download an application.

Q.  How old do you have to be to join?

A.  A provisional member of the squad can be 16 years old.

Q.  What kind of training do you need to join CGARS?

A.  The minimum requirement for a provisional member to ride on an ambulance is a current CPR and First Aid card.

Q.  How long is training?

A.  The CPR and First Aid class are about four hours each.  The EMT class is 240 hours and takes place over a 3 – 5 month period (depending on the class you take).

Q.  What kind of time commitment is required by CGARS?

A.  All members are required to ride one night shift every week and ride one weekend shift a month.  Members under 18 years old cannot ride past 10:00 pm unless they have written permission from a parent or guardian.

Q.  Is a physical or background check required by CGARS?

A.  All potential members must submit a physical before they are accepted.  However, only members over the age of 18 years old must submit a background check.

Q.  I don’t live in Cedar Grove.  Can I join?

A.  We are currently only accepting members from Cedar Grove’s contiguous towns.  Members from out of town must stay in town while they are on duty.

Q.  Are there any paid positions?

A.  No.  We are a volunteer squad.

Q.  What is the cost of training?

A.  None.  Once you are a member of CGARS, the cost of your training is covered by the organization.

Q.  What equipment will I need?

A.  You will be issued a squad pager and a uniform once you are accepted by the membership.